11. Here’s To Us

“Here’s To Us”

Dear Readers,

It’s my birthday this week. Those of you who know me well are already well aware of what a big baby I am about my birthday. I love it. The whole week belongs to me. I love the celebration, the presents, the phone calls, the sweet affection from my family, the not-quite-kiss that I sometimes manage to persuade A to give me. Bring it on!

I am taking a break this week from exploring autism on my blog, so that I can surf my birthday wave.

I do want to say something to my readers, though. It is still a very new blog, but you have all been so warm and welcoming. You have read along, encouraged me, talked to me about your own reflections and experiences, and my heart is very full after hearing all your thoughts. If this is the community that can form around a blog whose topic is so close to my heart, I am really happy to know that.

To those of you who are friends and relatives, doctors, therapists, school personnel, and generally the cheerleaders for our very wonderful special needs kids: you are needed. You are appreciated. Your support is the anchor for us. Your friendship extended to our children is a true example of what love can be. I hope you know that we couldn’t do any of it without you. You are the voices that tell us we can. You are the flourish, the cake topper, the laughter we didn’t know we needed.

To old friends and family who have reached out: I’m so glad you did. Reconnecting has been a trip.

To my fellow special needs parents: Thank you for reading. I know we all have our own stories. I want to say only this about the journey we are on that sometimes causes us so much self doubt–Every day, you do important work. You are everything. And you are not alone.


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