40. Trips, Spirals, and Mountains

“Trips, Spirals, and Mountains”

I am all kinds of tired today after locking horns with A. So I think I shall refrain from talking about him, and let this dreadful day disappear from memory.

Some days there is no learning curve.

Some days I don’t come out shining.

Some days I am low on patience and high on weepiness.

Some days the only tripping I do is guilt tripping.

Some days my heart is in my shoes. I stomp on it myself with every step.

Some days.

Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I will take better care of myself.

Tomorrow I will put down the guilt mountain.

Tomorrow I will disconnect from the shame spiral.

Tomorrow I will be friends with autism again.


Till then, bed is the best place for me. Thank you, my sisters and friend-sisters, who always remind me I am loved, and who never judge. I love you back.


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