43. Let’s Talk

“Let’s Talk”

Why do you follow me, with your eyes and your footsteps and your nerves?

Have I failed in teaching you not to fear a few moments of solitude?

I walk in the cracks between lighthearted acknowledgement and oppressed resignation.
I follow you because you are me and I am you.

I am not afraid. I am transfixed by the patterns of your certainty.

I quiver with awareness of your lightness and your oppression.
What do you wish for?

You teach me courage. I fear I am not enough.
I wish for perfection. All the senses coalesced, an end to dissonance.

You teach me to live in the world. I fear chaos.
Tell me something.
I talk to you all the time.
Do I read you wrongly?
Only when you forget to use all your senses.
I want to tell you something important.

Are you listening?
I am always aware.

I don’t always want to be.
Do you already know what I want to say?
I don’t know. Haven’t we said enough?

Radha and A.

2 thoughts on “43. Let’s Talk

  1. Oh my goodness, Radha. What to say??? This “imagined” dialogue is lyrical in its depth. I put the word in quote marks because not to do so would do you and A both a disservice. The dialogue is not imagined because it is rooted in the very real multimodal communication that you engage in together. So this dialogic poem is less an imagining than a plausible interpretation, plausible because you and A are both equally invested in fulfilling the communicative imperative, not just as speakers/signers but also as listeners/empathisers.

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