66. Let’s Talk Part 2

“Let’s Talk Part 2”

Is this growing up?

A lion is roaring in my legs. My head and my heart are in a fight.

It almost doesn’t matter if my head wins or my heart does.

I scream so you’ll know a little of how the lion walks with me everywhere.

I see your terror when I run into the street. The lion makes me do it.

I want to help. I want to smash.

If you talk to G, talk to me.

I want more than your patience. I want more than you.

It’s too loud, come back for me.

When you smile, there’s a burst of stars in me.

It’s too much. I scream.

Smile again for me. I’ll hold it in.

The stars won’t stop. Nor will my scream.

Details, details, all the time.

Spoons and legs and words and heads.

I’m growing, I’m raging, I’m holding me up.

The tasks keep growing, just like my feet.

I need you to know the lion is winning.

He’s in me, he’s me, he’s transforming me…

Good talk.




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