81. Transitions and Transparency

“Transitions and Transparency”

I have back burnered my write up about the autism conference for this week because there is something more pressing I wish to write about.

My family has been going through an important rite of passage that comes to many families.

My darling G is now R. About a year ago, we learned that R is transgender. We have been taking the year to adjust and embrace, and we are proud of him for living his truth. I cannot imagine what guts it must have taken for him to come to us and say it out loud. These are the times when you find out what heart and steel and soul purity your child is made of.

I know not all my readers may be comfortable with LGBT matters. I am not out to educate or convert anyone. This is still an autism parenting blog.

But I will be using R instead of G from now on, to refer to my older child. And he wanted me to talk about it, so I am.

Something I wrote back in March about R comes to mind, and I’m going to quote it here. It’s from Ask Me for More:

“If my blessings lend you strength, take this one with you: Be at peace with yourself. Be at peace with the world. For you are the child of my greatest dreams of motherhood, and you have surpassed any depths and heights I might have conceived. In you I repose my most cherished ideals, and to you I bequeath my most complex legacy.”*

I feel like the universe handed me such delicate gifts when it gave me R and A. May I treat them with the gentleness they deserve. May they shelter in my shadow as much as they need to. May they take wing into a world that sees their beauty. May people earn a place in their loving hearts.



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