111. If…Then

Preamble: “If…then” is a shorthand for the reinforcement based strategy used in behavioral therapy. While it does work, it can feel limiting to us as parents, as a family. Is this the ultimate in communication we will have with our child, we cannot help wondering. Is gently urged compliance going to be the sum total of our success?

The following takes “If…then” where my heart wants it to:


If your reflection in my eyes was captured in a portrait, then you would have a keepsake of how perfect you look to me

If wishes were hidden in coconuts, then I would break a hundred of them at the temple for you

If hugs can shift a person’s axis, then yours turn me laughing sideways every day

If treats could lead your thoughts to me, then I would lay a trail of Skittles between us

If laughter could be bottled, then yours would earn us a family fortune

If ever I don’t say it, then those are the times when I love you the most

If someday you finally reach the horizon you dream of constantly, then send me a postcard

If I grow old and forget this journey, then beam at me as always

If the universe sends you to me again, then I will be blessed

If I birth you in every lifetime, then all galaxies, all worlds will lie in my lap.

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