153. We’re Out of Moong Dhal

OMG how have you been…I miss you…how was your trip to Placencia…trip details…how was your summer…oh, you are both such amazing parents…Mayavati is going to Carnegie Mellon…thank you thank you… how come I never see your blog…I don’t really like Facebook anymore but.

I haven’t seen you guys around much. How come A doesn’t come to Insert Whichever Activity anymore. I know he’s older than the other kids now, but you should still bring him! It makes him so happy. And it’s so good for the other kids, you know, teaches them compassion. Oh, hang on, let me answer this text. Planning Jai’s birthday party, he’s so excited. They’ll play laser tag, then all come for a sleepover.

Don’t buy that brand of mukhwas, rumor has it there’s lead in it. That reminds me. My neighbor’s cousin is autistic and they take him to Golf Course Pranayama, something about the lawn chemicals acting as an antidote to eliminate toxin injury, and he’s calmed down so much, and oh, let me connect you with his mom, they give him supplements from the Himalayan Institute, and he’s so much improved. They’re just such positive people, always smiling.

I meant to tell you! That Swamiji I always talk about is in town. Do come to his pravachan. Do you know, non verbal children who have been brought to have darshan have started to speak? I’m serious! Rachna, from my Edison apartment days, she took a selfie with one such child. He’s gone viral now. His parents are asking for people to donate to his college fund, isn’t that amazing?

You should come out with us more often! Talk about something besides autism, na? Oh please, why do you need to find a babysitter when your husband is there. He’s such a sweetheart. A bunch of us are going to that book reading, why don’t you come. You know, the story about the battered woman who becomes a chef. I sat next to the author’s old gym teacher on my flight back from Mumbai. He said she was very quiet in school. It’s always the meek ones. You are coming. I’m not taking no for an answer.

Okay, I have to run. The other girls and I are planning a cruise. We’re all turning 50 soon, it’s going to be spectacular. They’re my soulmates, we mark every milestone together. Lovely to see you, my dear, you’re an inspiration, just embrace each moment. My college best friend’s daughter just got diagnosed with a kidney disorder, so things could always be worse. Accha, bye!






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